The course introduction of IFC programme
shanghai  University with Lancaster University

Shanghai University

Immersed in the distinguished heritage and pioneering track record in a leading global city, Shanghai University is situated in the heart of Shanghai. We combine educational achievement with forward-looking courses, attuned to the latest city developments in science, technology and culture.

Shanghai University is a member university of the national project 211 and is a research-intensive and comprehensive university. The university has witnessed continuous progress and advancement, have a clear and vibrant educational mission, with far-sighted objectives to cultivate talents with all-around development, global perspective and creative awareness.

Shanghai University is also known for its vigorous international exchanges and cooperation. So far the University has established academic links and cooperation with dozens of foreign universities, including faculty and student exchanges. Currently, over 4,000 international students are studying on Shanghai University campuses.

Shanghai University has made a medium and long-term strategic plan which has set greater goals for the development of the university. The plan aims at constructing a green, safe and informationalized campus and cultivating a university culture that is characteristic of persistent self-improvement, innovation, the spirit to pursue the best, an open and inclusive attitude to create a harmonious and active campus atmosphere. It also aims at creating a globalized campus to satisfy the needs of all kinds of students for their cultivation in sciences, culture, sports and arts. The university is striving to develop into a first-class comprehensive university in China with a high-level talents training system and a knowledge innovation system as well in proportion to the city’s position as a modern international metropolis.

*IFC course

*Entry Requirement
1.Gaokao:60% overall(incl.60% in Maths and English)

2.Senior High 3: Successful completion of SH 3(12 years) at an average of 80%( mush include key subjects)

3.Students must also achieve the following grades on the IFC programme:

B+(65-69%)or above (some highly selective courses may require gradeA(70%)or above)
Some specialist programmes that are listed as requiring a specific”A”Level subject requirement may not be available to IFC students, or students may be required to demonstrate previous study to an equivalent level in the specific subject

*Students who have successfully completed the IFC program at Shanghai University will be required to submit an application to Lancaster University via the UCAS system, satisfy the University’s English language requirements and follow all of our admissions procedures. Students may be required to take a lancaster pre-sessional English langauge programme according to their proficiency levels.

Lancaster University

The Lancaster University campus occupies a beautiful 560-acre parkland site at Bailrigg, just three miles from Lancaster City Centre.

You can find out more about the construction of the campus on our history pages or watch early videos from the 1960s on our YouTube channel.

Since then, Lancaster University has risen to become one of Britain's top universities, with over 12,000 students and 2,500 employees within the Bailrigg campus that is now almost a small town in its own right.  See our Campus Map.

In 2018 Lancaster University's campus was voted third in the Student Crowd's Top 20 University Campus Awards in a public vote by 7,849 UK students.
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